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 93-95 Station Road

Leigh on Sea

Essex, SS9 1st

01702 475533 


Vanity Fur is a modern pet spa and salon offering the very latest in

ultimate design and technology.  Our experienced grooming professionals

are all City and Guilds qualified and will work closely with you to

achieve the best results for you and your dog. Members of our team also

work within our sister branch at 'The Pet Spa at Harrods' where they work

alongside some of the uk's most highly acclaimed and respected groomers.


Grooming Menu 

The Full Body Groom Package 

Includes . 

  • Eye and Ear cleansing;·      
  • Brush to remove dead hair and knots (de-matting will incur an additional charge);·       
  • Nail trim;·      
  • Top quality shampoo - tailored to each coat type;·      
  • Coat Conditioning (if appropriate);·      
  • Anal gland extraction (on instruction only);·      
  • Fluff dry (we do not use cabin dryers in this salon);·      
  • Coat styled to the breed standard or a ‘personality' cut to suit you and your dog;·      
  • Hand-stripping (this will incur an additional charge)·      
  • A spritz of our cologne;·      
  • A hand-made grooming treat;·     
  • After-care consultancy, including advice on coat care
  • Loyalty Card

Wash & Fluff Dry Service

Perfect for the ‘in-between' groom


  • Brush to remove dead hair and knots (de-matting will incur an additional charge)     
  • Top quality shampoo (tailored to each coat type)·      
  • Coat conditioning (if appropriate)·      
  • Fluff dry ·      
  • A spritz of cologne·      
  • A hand-made grooming treat
Complimentary Puppy Wash & Fluff Dry Service

The puppy wash will ensure a relaxed and fun introduction to the grooming process.

This service includes:·      

  • A gentle brush through;·      
  • A relaxing body wash using our mild, hypoallergenic puppy shampoo; ·      
  • A gentle fluff dry;·      
  • A hand-made grooming treat;
  • Puppies must be under 6 months to qualify for this complimentary service;.· 

Only one complimentary Puppy Wash & Fluff Dry per dog.


Haribo and Pumpkin

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